It'll probably be easy enough to guess, for anyone stumbling upon these photos, that I'm Scottish; I've got a passion for dogs and hillwalking; and I'm a learner when it comes to photography. I'm going to try and get better though, and deciding to join up here is part of my masterplan to give myself a wee incentive on that score.

The "Wee Black Dug" is the one you'll see in my Bio picture there. She's called Jorja, and they told us when we got her that she's a labradoodle - a labrador/standard poodle cross.


If you know what a labradoodle is actually supposed to look like, you'll recognise my other dog Molly in the Galleries.

Thanks for looking. If you're really short of stuff to do on the internet there are other pictures, and general written musings on www.weeblackdug.co.uk.

In passing, I commend to everyone who may read this the music of the late Warren Zevon.